Lincoln Motor Cycle and Car Club


11th January

Chris Smith

8th March

PG Howson

12th April

The Chairman's Cup Table Top


11th October

Haigh Trophy

8th November

County Cup

13th December

Sills Trophy


13th January

Chris Smith

9th March

PG Howson

12th October

Haigh Trophy

9th November

County Cup

2018 Dates

Chris Smith

Charity Event, raising money for St Barnabas Hospice in memory of Chris

10th January

Organiser - Ian & Nicky Faulkner


The Bruce Robinson Rally

10th - 11th February


The PG Howson 12 Car

14th March

Organiser - Trevor & Alison Faulkner


The Chairman's Cup

11th April

 Table Top Event


Haigh Trophy 12 Car

10th October


 County Cup 12 Car

14th November

Organiser - Aggie Foster & Steve Hall


Sills Trophy 12 Car

12th December

14th December

Sills Trophy


14th January

11th March

11th November

9th December

Chris Smith

PG Howson

County Cup

Sills Trophy


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