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The major Road Rally organised by the Club is the Bruce Robinson, It is a popular event, consisting of 150 miles of some of the most interesting lanes in Lincolnshire, a round of the EMAMC, ANCC & ANEMMC Road Rally Championships.  It is organised by current competitors with competitors in mind.


2017 Dates

Chris Smith - Charity Event

11th January

Organiser - Ian & Nicky Faulkner


The Bruce Robinson Rally

11th - 12th February


The PG Howson 12 Car

8th March

Organiser - Trevor & Alison Faulkner


Haigh Trophy 12 Car

11th October

 C of C George Cowling and Mike Rands


 County Cup 12 Car

8th November

Organiser - Aggie Foster & Steve Hall


Sills Trophy 12 Car

14th December

Organiser - Alan Jackson

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