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   Bruce Robinson Report

Here are the Lincoln MC & CC 12 car Championship regulations for 2018 which covers the Championship year 1st December 2017 to 30th November 2018.

The new Championship year commences with THE SILLS TROPHY on Wednesday 13th December 2017 organised by Alan Jackson.

   12 Car Championship Table

Attached is the Lincoln MC&CC 12 car championship final table for the year ending 30 November 2017.


Congratulations to all winners.  All 12 car awards will be presented at the Annual Dinner and Awards presentation to be held on Friday 19 January 2018.

Details of the 2018 chamionship will be available shortly.

Thanks to all for supporting our 12 car events.


   County Cup 12 Car - 8th November

The COUNTY CUP  12 car on 8th November had 6 crews starting and all 6 finished

Congratulations to the winners Matt Wood and Ian Faulkner and thanks to Aggie Foster and Steve Hall for organising.


Also many thanks to all the many marshals on a cold November evening who ensured all 14 controls were manned, a splendid turnout.


2018 Dates

Chris Smith

Charity Event, raising money for St Barnabas Hospice in memory of Chris

10th January

Organiser - Ian & Nicky Faulkner


The Bruce Robinson Rally

10th - 11th February


The PG Howson 12 Car

14th March

Organiser - Trevor & Alison Faulkner


The Chairman's Cup

11th April

 Table Top Event


Haigh Trophy 12 Car

10th October


 County Cup 12 Car

14th November

Organiser - Aggie Foster & Steve Hall


Sills Trophy 12 Car

12th December

   Haigh Trophy 12 Car - 11th October

The first Lincoln 12 car of the 2017/18 winter series started off well with 9 starters and 9 finishers.  Congratulations to the winners Pete Dalton and Rhiannon Wilkinson and to George Cowling and Mike Rands for organising


Also many thanks to all the marshals on a pleasant autumn evening.


   Autumn Autosolo

Congratulations to Steve Hall for the overall win, Giles Gregory for winning class A+B and Alan Jackson for winning class C+D.


Many thanks to all of you for entering and a big thank you to Aggie, Kerry and Mollie for doing the timekeeping all day.



Here are the results from the Gymkhana

    The PG Howson Cup : 8th March 2017

Attached are the full results, congratulations to the winners Mick Smith /Jonathan Stockdale and to the first LMC&CC crew Matt Wood / Ian Faulkner

Thanks once again to all the marshals on one of the better winter evenings to be out and thanks to Trevor and Alison Faulkner for organising.

Also thank you to all for supporting the Lincoln 12 car winter series whether by entering, marshalling or organising.

With the lighter nights upon us this is the last on the road LINCOLN 12 car until the HAIGH TROPHY on 11th OCTOBER 2017 which is being organised by George Cowling and Mike Rands.

    Bruce Robinson : 11th - 12th February 2017

Here are the results from this years Bruce Robinson.

    Chris Smith Memorial : 11th January

Here are the results of the CHRIS SMITH MEMORIAL 12 car, 10 entries, 9 starters, 8 finishers which raised £140 for Donation to ST BARNABAS HOSPICE in memory of Chris. Congratulations to the winners John Dimbleby/Jonathan Stockdale and thanks to Ian and Nicky Faulkner for organising.

Also thanks to all the marshals on a very blustery evening.

    Sills Trophy : 14th December

Results from the Sills Trophy 12 Car. Thank you to all the marshals.

    Steve and Aggie's trip to the Isle of Man

Please click the link below to read the report from Steve and Aggie's trip to the Isle of Man.

Photo credit: Kevin Baldwin of Startline Media

    Stage Championship

Results from the Stage Championship

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