The 28th CHRIS SMITH MEMORIAL 12 CAR on Wednesday 26 February 2020 organised by Ian and Nicky Faulkner attracted 7 entries to the Willingham Woods start for a 60 mile route on maps 112, 113 and 121 to the finish at Ludford and results were announced as follows.

1st John Dimbleby / Jonathan Stockdale  0     tie breaker lowest engine c.c.

2 Matt Wood / Alan Jackson 0

3 Mick Smith / Herman Ruijsenaars  1F 0m

4 Alison Faulkner / Trevor Faulkner  2F 27m

5 Dave Baines / Kev Hutchinson  3F 6m

6 Simon Taylor / Gawaine Clark  9F 0m

Frank Ash / John Barber retired.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the marshals on a cold but dry February evening, Allen Faulkner, Janet A Faulkner, Cliff Doe, John Fearnley, David Wood, Sid Duffin.

And most importantly we have raised £90 in memory of Chris for donation to ST BARNABAS HOSPICE.